The Project At A Glance

Purpose: To empower, inform and inspire Palestinian women while creating employment and training opportunities.

Beneficiaries: More than 1.8 million women across the region – 11 students trained in partnership with the Birzeit University, Media department – 5 local reporters trained in media skills with IPDC-UNESCO support – Women organizations in the Palestinian Territories have a channel to relay critical information.

When and where: The Palestinian Territories, and Palestinian refugee camps throughout the region, and worldwide where there is a Palestinian diaspora.

Next steps: Expand the reach of NISAA FM across the Palestinian Territories and beyond. Explore opportunities to replicate the model in Egypt.

Shooting : Sawsan Qaoud / Editing : Joanna Osbert / Music : « Dancing Tiger » – Damscray / Duration : 3’15 » / Diffusion : Web / Copyright : © The Womanity Foundation 2013 / Genève – 06/2013